2ft Long Handle Dress Aid & Shoe Horn

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2ft Long Handle Dress Aid & Shoe Horn

Item Code 18-8001

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This handy device combines a dressing aid stick and a shoe horn. Ideal for people whose reach, dexterity or ability to bend is limited due to arthritis or back / leg injuries.

Designed with a push-pull hook at one end and a shoe horn at the opposite end. Hook end can be used to help put on pants, sweaters, socks and other articles of clothing, or to reach clothes hangers on rails in high wardrobes. Made of durable plastic with a smooth surface and rounded edges. Handle measures 32mm in diameter and has a soft, built-up foam that covers its entire length.

  • Acts as an aid to putting on clothes
  • Useful shoe horn at other end to avoid bending
  • 24" reach


Manufacturer / Model: Able 2
Nett Weight:
Length: 61cm
Width: 38mm diameter