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Vita Midi 8mph

Item Code 10-5001

£1695.00  £2034.00 inc. VAT

The TGA Vita Midi is a smaller and more compact version of the TGA Vita 4. With a range of over 20 miles and a frame that has been designed for comfort and maneouverability, the TGA Vita Midi is a brilliant around town scooter.

A high / low speed button makes for a safe journey for the user and for other members of public when riding on the pavement.

Rear mono shock suspension absorber and a large Captain's seat make for an extremely smooth and comfortable ride.

Available Colours: Metallic Red

  • Max speed: 8mph
  • Max capacity: 21st (135kg)
  • Max range: of up to 20 miles
  • Compact chassis for fantastic manoeuvrability around town
  • Market leading reliability and build quality
  • The smoothest ride available through revolutionary shock absorbers
  • High visibility LED lights with clever low energy usage 
  • Powerful 120amp controller
  • Orthopaedic, swivelling and fully adjustable seat
  • Revolutionary rear mono shock absorber
  • State-of-the-art digital controls for ease-of-use


Manufacturer / Model: TGA Vita Midi
Nett Weight:
Power: 2 x 12v 50AH batteries
Length: 1320mm
Width: 670mm
Height: 560mm